i can’t believe that this is jay  
Then he says he doesn’t know how to dance 
Beautiful boys: Nobody will probably care but


This girl

is about to kill herself from hate and all I can say is the person who sent it to her should feel ashamed. She is a wonderful girl who hasnt done anything to anybody but SOME anon gets kicks out of sending people hate and it disgusts me. Why would…

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maybe louis wears suspenders so that it keeps his HUGE COCK in his pants..

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Anonymous said: Hi omg I love your blog so much x

hi OMG thanks so much. :) sah happy now. 

STOP TALKING ABOUT NIALL SMOKING. he is relaxing. you shouldn’t care. lave them be, let them relax on basically the only day off they have had in the past month in the long term, it will probably be the beer that is worse for him.

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